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Last Updated on 9/16/17

2017 Playdown Results/Pictures

Click here for the Women's 35 Thursday Schedule

Women's Schedule - Fall 2017 PDF version

Show Prior Weeks
Date Field 9:00 AM 11:00 AM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
Sep 17
Golflinks NW SWAT vs Furinkazan TWAN vs G3 Cayenne vs Vixen Mojoe vs ThSome
Rillito 7NW Ballers vs GilaMonsters Chubasco vs BuenaVista
Just4Kicks vs Venom Ragtags vs Shizzle
Rillito 8NE Fuego vs ThirdHalf Pumas vs Dbacks Caliente vs Shakti Onyx vs Nemesis
Sep 24
No games - Youth Tournament
Oct 1
Golflinks NE Just4Kicks vs Mojoe Fuego vs Nemesis LaTortura vs Ballers BuenaVista vs Shakti
Golflinks Mid ThirdHalf vs Venom Dbacks vs Shizzle ThSome vs Onyx SWAT vs Pumas
Rillito 7NW Vixen vs Caliente G3 vs Cayenne Furinkazan vs Ragtags TWAN vs Chubasco
Oct 8
Lincoln E Venom vs Fuego TWAN vs Just4Kicks Caliente vs Cayenne ThSome vs BuenaVista
Rillito 7NW ThirdHalf vs G3 Onyx vs Shakti Dbacks vs SWAT Ballers vs Furinkazan
Rillito 8NE GilaMonsters vs Pumas Vixen vs Nemesis Mojoe vs Chubasco LaTortura vs Shizzle
Oct 15
Golflinks NE Ragtags vs Dbacks BuenaVista vs Caliente GilaMonsters vs SWAT Cayenne vs Onyx
Golflinks Mid Nemesis vs ThSome Furinkazan vs LaTortura Shizzle vs Pumas Just4Kicks vs ThirdHalf
Rillito 7NW Shakti vs Vixen Fuego vs TWAN Chubasco vs G3 Venom vs Mojoe
Oct 22
Lincoln E Vixen vs G3 Ballers vs Ragtags Nemesis vs ThirdHalf GilaMonsters vs LaTortura
Rillito 7NW Mojoe vs BuenaVista ThSome vs TWAN Cayenne vs Venom Shakti vs Just4Kicks
Rillito 8NE Dbacks vs Furinkazan Shizzle vs SWAT Chubasco vs Onyx Caliente vs Fuego
Oct 29
No games - Youth Tournament
Nov 5
Rillito 7NW Nemesis vs Shakti Shizzle vs Ballers LaTortura vs ThSome Chubasco vs SWAT
Rillito 8NE G3 vs Just4Kicks Vixen vs Fuego BuenaVista vs Dbacks Pumas vs Ragtags
Rillito 11SE Caliente vs Onyx Furinkazan vs GilaMonsters ThirdHalf vs Cayenne TWAN vs Venom
Nov 12
Rillito 7NW SWAT vs ThSome LaTortura vs Mojoe Ballers vs Pumas Shizzle vs Furinkazan
Rillito 8NE Onyx vs BuenaVista Venom vs Caliente Ragtags vs GilaMonsters Vixen vs ThirdHalf
Nov 19
Rillito 7NW Ragtags vs LaTortura Pumas vs Furinkazan Shakti vs Mojoe ThSome vs Chubasco
Rillito 8NE   GilaMonsters vs Dbacks Cayenne vs Fuego G3 vs Nemesis
Rillito 11SE BuenaVista vs Just4Kicks ThirdHalf vs Caliente Onyx vs TWAN Ballers vs SWAT
Nov 26
No games - Thanksgiving
Dec 3
Rillito 7NW Fuego vs Onyx BuenaVista vs Ballers Caliente vs G3 Cayenne vs Vixen
Rillito 8NE SWAT vs LaTortura Pumas vs GilaMonsters Ragtags vs Shizzle Mojoe vs Dbacks
Udall SW Venom vs Nemesis Shakti vs ThirdHalf Furinkazan vs Chubasco Just4Kicks vs TWAN
Dec 10
Rillito 7NW GilaMonsters vs Shizzle LaTortura vs Pumas Nemesis vs Cayenne G3 vs Fuego
Rillito 8NE Dbacks vs Ballers ThSome vs Just4Kicks -- Makeups if needed --
Rillito 10SW Mojoe vs TWAN SWAT vs Ragtags Venom vs Vixen Chubasco vs Shakti
Dec 17
  -- Makeups if needed --

+ As per league policy at all fields NO ALCOHOL or WEAPONS allowed.

ALSO at Desert Vista, Sportspark and Townsend, NO PETS (except service animals)


If you FORFEIT, you lose your bond money. 
To avoid a forfeit, call and SPEAK TO an executive board member in person AT LEAST 5 days prior to the scheduled game.

All players must have numbers on their shirts.
The home team is listed first and is responsible for jersey changes and a BALL.
Team reps must verify score at the end of the game.

Field Maps

For more information or if you would like to play,
contact w35@twslsoccer.org

2017 Spring W35 Finals Results/Pictures

Last Updated on 9/16/17

 Women's 35 Thursday - Fall 2017 (1st week)
Date Field 6:30 PM 8:15 PM Bye
Sep 21
Sportspark ThoseGirls vs United DustDevils vs Oxygen Cougars,


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