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Last Updated: 2/16/17

2016 Playdown Finalists/Pictures

Coed Schedule - Spring 2017 PDF version

Show Prior Weeks
Date Field 6:30 PM 8:15 PM
Feb 17
Golflinks NE Pelioneros vs Tequila BCUnited vs Kryptonite
Golflinks Mid Ballistic vs Shinkickers Propain vs Tigres
Golflinks NW NachoTm vs AllMixedUp JalapenoBus vs Cobras
Udall SM* DJs vs SolFC Crush vs KickinIt
Udall SE* Vertigo vs Fireballers Yamas vs BCS
Feb 19
Golflinks SW NucFusion vs Mavericks ABCDE vs PrestigeW
Udall NW* Lobos vs CruzAzul Burnouts vs Clockwork
Udall NE* Heatstroke vs Xolos Impact vs PCU
Udall SE BlackBlue vs FCRejects Force11 vs Javelinas
Udall SM Revolution vs Dynamo Slumlords vs DevDawg
Udall SW VWP vs America SDFC vs Arsenal
Feb 24
Golflinks NE* Cobras vs VWP AllMixedUp vs America
Golflinks Mid* Slumlords vs BlackBlue Mavericks vs Fireballers
Udall SE Revolution vs SDFC FCRejects vs Vertigo
Udall SM DevDawgs vs Clockwork JalapenoBus vs Impact
Golflinks NW* PrestigeW vs Pacifico Burnouts vs Propain
Feb 26
Golflinks NE Kryptonite vs Tigres Dynamo vs ABCDE
Golflinks SW* Shinkickers vs Arsenal SolFC vs Javelinas
Golflinks NW* DriveTm vs CruzAzul NucFusion vs Heatstroke
Udall SW* NachoTm vs Yamas Force11 vs Lobos
Udall NE Ballistic vs Pelioneros PCU vs BCS
Udall NW Tequila vs DJs Crush vs Xolos
Mar 3 &
Mar 5
No games - Youth Tournament
Mar 10
Golflinks NE Pelioneros vs SolFC Xolos vs FCRejects
Golflinks Mid KickinIt vs Heatstroke Force11 vs CruzAzul
Udall SE Yamas vs Impact Pacifico vs Dynamo
Udall SM SDFC vs ABCDE BlackBlue vs Propain
Mar 12
Golflinks NW DriveTm vs DJs Mavericks vs Vertigo
Golflinks SW Clockwork vs Slumlords DevDawgs vs BCUnited
Udall SE Arsenal vs Ballistic Kryptonite vs Burnouts
Udall SM NachoTm vs Cobras AllMixedUp vs VWP
Mar 17
Golflinks NE SolFC vs Pacifico AllMixedUp vs Heatstroke
Golflinks Mid Dynamo vs DriveTm Slumlords vs NucFusion
Udall SE JalapenoBus vs Vertigo BCS vs KickinIt
Udall SM Javelinas vs PCU Prestige vs Arsenal
Mar 19
Golflinks NW CruzAzul vs SDFC Clockwork vs Propain
Golflinks SW FCRejects vs Impact Crush vs DevDawgs
Udall SE Fireballers vs Kryptonite America vs Tequila
Udall SM Shinkickers vs Force11 Revolution vs Pelioneros
Udall SW Cobras vs Lobos Tigres vs BlackBlue
Mar 24
Golflinks NE Clockwork vs Tigres Pelioneros vs Lobos
Golflinks Mid Burnouts vs BlackBlue SDFC vs Shinkickers
Golflinks NW Cobras vs America VWP vs Yamas
Udall SM DJs vs Dynamo Impact vs NachoTm
Udall SW Ballistic vs PrestigeW Fireballers vs Crush
Mar 26
Golflinks NW PCU vs JalapenoBus Pacifico vs Revolution
Golflinks SW Vertigo vs KickinIt ABCDE vs Arsenal
Udall NE Tequila vs SolFC Javelinas vs CruzAzul
Udall SE DriveTm vs Force11 Heatstroke vs Fireballers
Udall SM AllMixedUp vs BCS Xolos vs Mavericks
Udall SW Propain vs BCUnited NucFusion vs FCRejects
Mar 31
Golflinks NE Tigres vs NucFusion PCU vs America
Golflinks Mid Lobos vs Javelinas Vertigo vs NachoTm
Golflinks NW Kryptonite vs Xolos Shinkickers vs Revolution
Rillito 7NW Mavericks vs VWP BCUnited vs Burnouts
Rillito 8NE Propain vs DevDawgs Force11 vs DJs
Apr 2
Golflinks NE CruzAzul vs Pelioneros BCS vs JalapenoBus
Golflinks NW Dynamo vs PrestigeW Impact vs Cobras
Golflinks SW Yamas vs AllMixedUp Tequila vs DriveTm
Rillito 7NW KickinIt vs Slumlords ABCDE vs Ballistic
Rillito 8NE BlackBlue vs Clockwork Pacifico vs SDFC
Apr 7
Golflinks Mid PCU vs AllMixedUp SolFC vs ABCDE
Golflinks NE PrestigeW vs Arsenal VWP vs NachoTm
Udall SE America vs JalapenoBus Lobos vs Tequila
Udall SM NucFusion vs Xolos BCUnited vs Tigres
Udall SW Cobras vs Yamas SDFC vs Shinkickers
Apr 9
Golflinks NW DevDawgs vs Kryptonite PrestigeW vs Shinkickers
Golflinks SW BCUnited vs Crush FCRejects vs Fireballers
Udall SE Heatstroke vs Mavericks DJs vs Yamas
Udall SM Tigres vs Slumlords Dynamo vs Ballistic
Udall SW ABCDE vs Revolution CruzAzul vs Tequila
Apr 14 &
Apr 16
No games - Easter
Apr 21
Golflinks NE FCRejects vs Heatstroke DriveTm vs SolFC
Golflinks Mid Javelinas vs TBD  -- makeups if needed
Apr 23
Rillito 7NW SolFC vs Lobos NucFusion vs Vertigo
   -- makeups if needed
Sat, May 6 &
Sun, May 7
Playdowns @ Golflinks

(teams in bold play both Friday and Sunday)

*denotes changes since originally published

Makeup Games are in orange

+As per league policy at all fields, NO ALCOHOL or WEAPONS allowed.
ALSO at Desert Vista, Sportspark & Townsend, NO PETS (except service animals).


All players must have matching shirts with permanent numbers.


The home team is listed first and is responsible for:

  jersey change and game ball.
Reps should verify score with referee at the end of the game.


To avoid a forfeit you must call and speak to a board member

in person at least 5 days prior to the scheduled game.

Field Maps


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