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League Minutes for June 13th, 2017

Meeting began at 7:01 p.m.

Corrections to the minutes:  None. Minutes accepted.

Teams in attendance: Cayenne, Chubasco, Fuego, Furinkazan, Gila Monsters, Guanajuato, Nemesis, Pumas, S.W.A.T., Thirty Something, TWAN, Venom, Vixen, Black & Blue, Clockwork, Cruz Azul, Devil Dawgs, Force 11, Javelinas, Los Pelioneros, PC United, Pro-Pain, SD FC, Shinkickers, Slumlords, Sol FC, Tigres, Vertigo and VWP.

Teams not in attendance: Ballers, Buena Vista, Caliente, DBacks, G Three, Heat Wave, Infinity, Mojoe, Ragtag, Shakti, Shizzle, The Third Half, Tortura, ABCDE FC, All Mixed Up, America, Arsenal, BC United, BCS, Burnouts, Crush, Desert Knights, DriveTime FC Rejects, Fireballers, Heatstroke, Impact, Jalapeno Business, Kryptonite, Lobos, Maverick, Monsoon, Nacho Team FC, Nuclear Fusion, Pacifico, Prestige World, Savages FC, XOLOS and Yamas.

Teams who have missed two meetings in a row are close to being fined if they miss one more meeting: None.

Teams who will be fined for missing three meetings:  None.


  • Water breaks are allowed (for the summer), but realize they are taken from your playing time.

  • New referees are still learning the TWSL League rules. Be patient with them; bring the bylaws so you can present the written league rules.

  • If a player is bleeding, he should leave the field and deal with the issue.

  • The team who has the ball (for throw-ins) gets to substitute, but ultimately it is up to the referee.

  • If the city determines TWSL is responsible for excessive litter on the fields, we could be fined $500. If the fields are trashed when you arrive, take a picture and notify the board.

  • Discourage children from playing with our equipment.

  • If you won your championship, please get your form in for your team t-shirts.

  • Each team can get 25 New jerseys every 2 years from The Shop. Outside of that, teams can get 5 replacement jerseys.

Vice President:

  • The discipline report was presented.

  • Three teams with the most points; America – 60, Cobras and Heatstroke – 55. The maximum is 75 points, and the soccer year goes through the end of August.

  • If you email Tania and it has been a while without a response, please send a reminder email.

  • If you drop a player with points, let Tania know so she can remove those points from your team total.


  • If there are last minute issues such as no lights or nets, do not email. Call and speak to a board member, so the issue is not sitting in someone’s inbox.
  • There is a number to call for city fields if the lights are not on or get turned off. The Communications phone number for City Field lights is 791-4144 (also on the pdf schedule emailed out and on the website).
  • If you have an issue please include as much information about the issue as possible and include your team name, to avoid back and forth communication and to get the issue resolved quickly.
  • Rain Policy: Tell your players to show up for all games unless you hear from us by phone and/or email that fields are closed or have seen it posted on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Tucson-Womens-Soccer-League-293976436945. 
  • If you cannot field a team, you need to call down. We will not reschedule your game. To keep your bond, you need to call and speak with a board member 5 days (96 hrs) prior to your game. This allows us time to find an alternate team to fill in for your team.


  • Treasurer report approved as submitted with corrections (what corrections?).


  • Teams remember to bring a printed roster to your games.
  • Registration for fall will begin about 3 weeks before the end of the season and will be approximately 5 weeks long.


  • Fall season starts the week after Labor Day (Sept 8 & 10).


  • No new business.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Team Registration at the TWSL soccer office from 5:30-8 pm on Wednesday, August 9th in lieu of the monthly meeting

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Meeting Minutes for Current Soccer/Fiscal Year (2016-2017):
October - no meeting
December - registration in lieu of meeting
March - no meeting
May - registration in lieu of meeting
July - no meeting



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